Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hi my name is Susie and my husband and I and my beautiful tortie cat Princess have recently arrived in Melbourne from Perth. I am studying a Diploma in Visual Art and I am passionate about colour and textiles. Living in Melbourne and being so close to the city is just fantastic and next week we are off to Eltham to see their Jazz and Blues festival one of my darling's passions is music. This city has so much to offer and we look forward to experiencing it all. When we first arrived I went to see Amy Butler and met this wonderful lady Jacky and her sister Lee and now i follow with great pleasure her brilliant blog Art4moi check it out
Cheers for now


  1. Arent you lovely mentioning me in your very first blog...thank you.
    Looking forward to seeing some photos soon and also a catch up in the near future!!!
    Have fun with your blog...lots of lovely people and art out there.

    Jacky xox

  2. May you enjoy Melbourne with all it cultural delights!

  3. Hi Susie, how wonderful to make contact with you again through the wonderful world of blogging! I really appreciate the lovely comment you left on the blog - I have to say, that is the nicest comment I've received since I started blogging.

    Knowing your penchant for textiles, I really love the name you've chosen for your blog. I look forward to visiting your blog on a regular basis and am going to pop you on my blogroll straightaway (I would become a 'follower', but I haven't worked out how to do that yet! As you can see, my blogging is a 'work in progress). Welcome to blogging, and I warn you, it can become very addictive!! You'll love it! Lee :)

  4. Hi Susie, it was great to hear from you and knowing that we have so much in common (other than living on opposite sides of the world. I'm in NJ,USA. (However one of my sons met his lovely wife (from England) in Australia and always talk about it being the perfect place to live.
    It feels so good to know others that are in the same place in life with all of it's challenges.I feel like I just made a friend :)